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Apartments, S.Peterburg


Rental apartment in Russia is a good alternative to expensive hotel rooms. Among the main advantages of renting apartment in Russia is getting more privacy and more comfort comparing to the hotels of the same price.
There offer you five types of apartments for rent:
  •  Communal apartments in Russia - the cheapest segment of Russian rental market. For many students or visitors it is the only way to get a proper living space for a modest fee. These apartments are located primarily in the center of Russian cities, making it geographically convenient. However, to live in a communal, of course, is not easy.


  • Economy class apartments in Russia are the most popular ones. They are located in “ordinary” buildings of Khrushchev or Brezhnev era. The windows of these apartments are often out to busy and noisy street, heating station or plant. For your safety, you should avoid nighttime walks near your home. However, the apartments are not that bad - standard one, two, three living rooms flats. As a rule, they need repairs, but they have kitchen, refrigerator and stove. It happens that before renting an apartment the owner is doing some cosmetic repairs in a hurry. In such cases, the walls are covered with paperhangings, the floor is covered by linoleum, furniture, if available, is not new and cheap, TV and washing machine are not available. The building is panel or brick, the ceilings are 2,4-2,65 m, combined bathroom, kitchen 6 sq.m. If you are lucky there is also a little balcony. The yards of these houses are always shared with all the people living there, with most of the area given over to the playground, so the car will have to be put along the sidewalk under the window. There are no garbage disposal systems and elevators in five-story buildings.


  •  Tourist class apartments in Russia can be rented in various districts of Russian city. They are brick buildings in the center or new buildings on the outskirts. The apartments for rent may be either empty or have new economy class furniture from Ikea or middle 90-ies. Imported refrigerator, washing machine and TV are available.


  • Businessmen would prefer our business-class apartments while travel to Russia,  situated in downtown, equipped with high-speed internet, tv/audio/video gadgets and good for meeting and talk on business matters. These apartments have fine modern decoration and furniture, jacuzzi and heated floor in the bathroom, built-in techniques and furniture with dish-washing mashine in the kitchen. These apartments have high ceilings (from 2,8 to 3,6 m) and are renovated with full replacement of wiring, pipes and plumbing. Usually there are two bathrooms: the one for guests and the other for the owner with the entrance from the bedroom. The furniture must have a roomy closet and imported kitchen with all necessary appliances.All these apartments are equipped with internal alarm system. The flats are located in houses with intercom and video surveillance systems. Also there is concierge at the entrance of the building.


  •  Most exigent visitors will enjoy russian luxury apartments with elegantly designed interiors, stylish furniture and working fireplace, with its art galleries, elite boutiques and restaurants. Our elite apartments have excellent interior (often of authorial design), jacuzzi or sauna (or both), built-in up-to-date kitchen techniques. Typically, luxury apartments have imported designer furniture and home theater. Often there are such features as a winter garden, a wall-mounted giant aquarium, a system of “smart home”, exotic and luxurious finishing materials such as gold or leather. Russian apartments of luxe class are works of art; each of them is unique and is only for the representatives of creative or financial elite of society. These apartments are located in expensive new club houses or in completely renovated buildings, which can be architectural monuments. In this segment of real estate there is practically no apartments with a little number of rooms - mostly apartments occupy half or even a whole floor of a building with windows facing in two or three sides of the world, often two-storied, with spectacular views from the windows. There are between two and five bathrooms available together with a special dressing room. Kitchen and bathrooms are equipped with expensive equipment. These apartments are the best choice for the guests preferring highest comfort and quality.






Address: Moscow: if your trip includes staying in Moscow, our representative will guarantee the high quality of all the booked services and in case of any question you can afford on his 24 h support.

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